In addition to our Fine Art Prints and Stock Images, Creative Photo Designs also has available for purchase CD Calendars, Wall Calendars, and Books. Our CD Calendars are produced in-house at the CPD studios. The Wall Calendars and Books are published thru Please fill out our order form if you are interested in any of these products. All images shown in the calendars and books are also available as fine art prints and stock images.

The American Road Book The American Road Photo Book
"The American Road" book contains images that were taken, simply, by the side of the road. Whether it be a unique country landscape, a vibrant urban environment, a quirky, off beat tourist attraction, or piece of roadside architecture, these images celebrate a by-gone era.
Shining Sentinels Book Roadside Motels Photo Book
These icons in American culture, with their unique architecture and colorful history, have many delightful memories. "Roadside Motels" is a collection of images that remind us of a time long past. Whether they are considered retro, kitschy, offbeat, or edgy these motels are a tribute to our history.
Shining Sentinels Book Shining Sentinels Photo Book
Steeped in history and mysteries, lighthouses have been beacons of hope to the lost and wayward sailor for many years past. Whether on the ocean or an inland lake these architectural delights have saved many in times of foggy or stormy weather. "Shining Sentinels" features numerous seasonal images of lighthouses in the Great Lakes region along with the East and West coasts.
Lighthouse Calendar Lighthouses 2008 Wall Calendar
A 12 month calendar featuring wonderful seasonal images of scenic lighthouses from both the East Coast and the Great Lakes region. Pictures by Mark R. Bertieri an award winning, fine art photographer. Calendar images are also available as individual prints.
Country Life Calendar Country Life 2008 Wall Calendar
Fine art photographer, Mark R. Bertieri offers an interesting mix of country images from his travels in rural Wisconsin. Twelve, seasonal, full-color photographs were selected from photo shoots throughout the state. Images of country roads and scenic views are reminders of a time past. Calendar images are also available as individual prints.


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