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In General....
Our stock files contain a wide variety of interesting and diverse images relating to architecture, urban environments, roadside attractions, and scenic views. Our unique imagery is both high resolution and publication quality. Our images are available for editorial, commercial, and advertising purposes. See our weblog, CPD Update for current shooting assignments and new image additions. Our areas of interest include......

Architectural details, buildings, cityscapes, coastlines, country vistas & rural landscapes, maritime & nautical subjects, nature, roadside architecture, seasons, tourist attractions, and urban environments...... see a detailed listing. is a collection of images from Door County, WI, also referred to as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest". With over 300 miles of breathtaking coastline, dozens of islands, and 10 lighthouses, Door County offers a endless array of recreational, cultural, shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Check out our Blog for additional images.

Lighthouse Images....
Located on shoals, craggy bluffs, or fingers of land, lighthouses are both steeped in architectural delights and history. From colorful facades to the folklore and mysteries surrounding these welcoming beacons, lighthouses are truly unique photographic subjects. Our extensive collection of seasonal lighthouse images includes the Great Lakes region along with the East and West U.S. coasts. See a detailed listing of our subjects or check out our Blog for additional images.
The collection features images in and around Milwaukee, WI that reflect the lifestyle, culture, and architecture of this historic and vibrant Midwestern city. See a detailed listing of our subjects or check out our Blog for additional images and future shooting schedules.

Geographic Areas Covered....
Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Door County, Midwest U.S., Illinois, Chicago, Michigan, Mackinac Island, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Ireland, Italy, Scotland...... detailed listing.

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